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Worcestershire Mill

The Mill House is a charming period property thought to be originally a working mill dating back to circa 1750. The property had been sensitively modernised and extended by the current owners, who wanted a new garden to blend and be more appropriate for a young family.


GWF where appointed to create a comprehensive concept design package, redesigning the 2 acre's of garden immediately surrounding the house. The plot was broken down into a series of rooms, each with a specific function for the family's use. One of the key feature requirements for this garden was to ground it to its surroundings. We introduced a permitter guard of brick walling, which helped to define the inner garden to its wilder setting. This also created a safe setting in which the children could explore, without wondering toward the brook at the edge of the garden.


The front garden was designed to invite and enhance the front facade, a series of pleached trees helping to frame the view and adding much needed vertical structure. A wide / deep planting bed filled with herbaceous perennials, roses and linear Taxus cubes, helped to emulate the old style cottage garden style that would once have graced this area.


The sides and rear garden where more focused on lifestyle, with seating and dining areas found between large blocks of planting and ornamental trees. An indoor / outdoor style fireplace was cleverly design by the architects on the west facade, a simply but elegant seating area was created here. An oak pergola leads through to the family lawn, vegetable garden and dining terrace, with its own bespoke water feature, which lines through with the double height mezzanine window of the house. The external boundaries of the brick walls are to be turned into wildflower meadows, creating a wonderful backdrop of colour and texture.


This is the 1st phase design, due for on site completion in 2017, which the wider landscape phases continuing into 2018.